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Kol Eliyahu Keriah Program

Leiluy Nishmat Hacham Elie Khalifeh A"H

Led by Rabbis Joey Ishay and Abie Ishay, students begin their day reinforcing our community's strongest value over the last few hundred years, Keriah. The traditions that have been passed down for generations are slowly fading away. With this program we are restoring these skills and values back into our children. We are also instilling them, the confidence to be able to perform as Hazanim and Baaleh Korim. Our goal, is that every student graduating Or Hatorah, should be fluent in our holy mesorah and traditions. That they should all have the confidence to lead our Shuls across the community. 


Throughout Shaharit all students participate in the daily Shaharit Minyan as Hazanim and Baalei Korim.


In addition, immediately after Shaharit, students are divided into groups and are taught the proper Hebrew reading skills such as dikduk, the te'amim of reading Sefer Torah and Tehillim.


Before each Holiday, students are taught the Tefilot and piyutim of that specific Yom Tov or Hag, all according to our ancient Syrian customs. 

Hacham Elie Khalifeh A"H was someone who treated the Bet Hakeneset and our holy traditions with great reverence. He was fluent in all areas of our Tefilot, Tanach, Mishnayot, Gemara, Halacha, Minhagim and Kabbalah. It is only befitting that our students begin their day with a program emulating the values of Hacham Elie. 

Program Rabbis


Rabbi Joey Ishay

Program Director


Rabbi Abie Ishay

Program Rabbi

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