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Hasdeh Abraham Hesed Program

Leiluy Nishmat Hacham Abraham Hamra A"H

The Hasdeh Abraham Hesed Program, is a program that is instilling our world renowned values of Hesed into every one of our boys. Our community prides itself on our acts of kindness. It can be people we know, people who live amongst us that we've never met , or just another Jew across the world, we are there for anyone in need.


Every community member has this value of Hesed built into their DNA. Some have built community wide organizations, some have started much needed Gemachs, but for most of us Hesed is one act of kindness at a time. We want to continue in this great community value and have every one of our boys become Hesed ambassadors.  

The program covers a wide range of Hesed projects.

Hacham Abraham Hamra A"H was someone who gave of his life to every community member young and old. Hacham Alber as he was known, was a man who was all Hesed. He dedicated his life in serving his community in Damascus, as well as later on in Brooklyn and Israel. He spent day and night worrying and caring for his people. Other peoples semahot were his semahot, and other peoples sorrows were his sorrows. His Divreh Torah always surrounded the theme of Hizuk, of encouragement. His words healed many wounds and brought peace unto many homes. His constant smile was infectious and brought light unto any room he walked in to. He lived a life of Besever Panim Yafot, no matter what was going on in his personal life, no matter who he was dealing with, and no matter what he was dealing with. And that was his life's work, if I can bring a person to smile that is the biggest Hesed I can perform. Most of all, every act of kindness that he performed, was not for the credit or for the fanfare. It was Leshem Shamayim.  


We want our boys to emulate him in every way. He is the perfect role model for how Hesed should be performed. Hesed can be performed in any way and on many levels. There are no exact measurements on how to perform the Misva of Hesed. That is what he taught us and that is his continuing legacy. Our Hasdeh Abraham Hesed Program is dedicated in his memory and we hope that by following in his ways every one of our boys will become the leaders of Hesed throughout our community. 

Program Rabbis


Rabbi Joey Ishay

Program Director


Rabbi Abie Ishay

Program Rabbi

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