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Premium+ Plan
for the entire Summer season
(June 22 - September 4)

Yes that's right, we've got a Premium+ Plan that covers everything in the Premium plan, plus everything listed below for just $2,000 the entire summer season. Our team conducts inspections on a daily basis throughout the week, including a Saturday night check-in, to ensure the safety and integrity of your property. Also included in the Premium+ membership is a daily in-home inspection of your house checking on all plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems, addressing any potential issues proactively. We also provide scheduled delivery acceptance for items like furniture and appliances, giving you peace of mind about their secure arrival. With our key management services exclusive to Premium+ plan members, we securely hold your spare key and access your home for authorized purposes such as inspections or repairs. Lastly, our white glove customer service ensures your satisfaction and a seamless experience throughout our service engagement. With our services, you can enjoy your summer worry-free, knowing that your home is being looked after.

How it works?

Every day a Shomer team member will check-in and provide a full perimeter inspection of your home. He'll check for any signs of forced entry and unlocked doors or windows. All mail or packages will be collected and brought into your home. Fliers and junk will be discarded. Trash cans will be taken out for garbage day and will be returned after garbage pick up. In addition to the outdoor inspection, your Shomer will inspect all plumbing, electrical, mechanical systems and appliances inside your home.  At each check-in, your Shomer will send you a video and images confirming the inspection along with  a completed check list and report of that days check-in.

Need someone at home to accept a delivery? Not a problem. Schedule your delivery and we'll be there to accept.

Are you painting or doing some work to your house while your gone? No worries. With our key management service we'll be able to open and close up your home as needed.


In case of a home emergency, such as a tripped alarm or a water leak, you can reach out to our emergency hotline and we'll have a Shomer dispatched to your home to assist by disarming the alarm or calling your plumber. 

It's that simple and that convenient. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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