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25 Year Anniversary Alumni Dinner Highlights

December 25 2021


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December 25 2021


Welcome to
Yeshivat Or Hatorah

Yeshivat Or Hatorah opened its doors to its first Freshman class in September of 1997. Since then, the Yeshiva has grown into one of the elite Yeshiva High Schools in the Brooklyn Syrian Community.

The Yeshiva now entering its 26th year has thus far graduated twenty two classes and has watched their graduates become young pillars of the community. The success of each and every boy is due to our talented and dedicated faculty. Our Rabbis and Teachers undertake the responsibility of ensuring every boys educational and personal development. Our approach is simple, love and care for each student as if they were your own son. It is with this goal in mind we have been able to send off our graduates into the world with the necessary tools to build themselves each a Torah life and home. 


In the year after High School, many graduates go on to study in Yeshiva at a post High School program in Israel. Upon returning to the states, some move on to College while others enter the work force eventually becoming great assets to the community by giving back with their skills and philanthropy. Some even go on even further to continue their Torah Studies as full time Avrechim eventually becoming scholarly Rabbis, giving back to our community with their wisdom and guidance.

After 25 years of hard work and dedication we are more eager than ever, welcoming both familiar and new faces, into a 26th year of excellence in Torah Education.  


Meet Our Dedicated Faculty


Rabbi Yaakov S. Marcus

Rosh Yeshiva

9th Grade Rabbi


Rabbi Yehoshua Alfieh

Hebrew Studies Principal


Mr. Avi Fuchs

Secular Studies Principal


Rabbi Adam Matut

12th Grade Rabbi


Rabbi Avraham Green

11th Grade Rabbi


Rabbi David Reznitsky

10th Grade Rabbi


Rabbi Shemuel Azatchi

8th Grade Rabbi


Rabbi Osher Levovitz

7th Grade Rabbi

Rabbi Yaakov Mizrahi.jpeg

Rabbi Yaakov Mizrahi

Living Shabbat Program

yohlogo gold.png

Rabbi Joey Ishay

Kol Eliyahu Keriah Program

yohlogo gold.png

Rabbi Abie Ishay

Kol Eliyahu Keriah Program


Mrs. Marion Cohen

English Language Arts Teacher


Mr. David Shein

Mathematics Teacher


Mr. Jacob Gutnicki

History Teacher


Mr. Michael Reiss

Science Teacher

yohlogo gold.png

Mr. Jonathan Weintroub

Science Teacher 


Rabbi David Reznitsky

Sephardic Heritage History Teacher

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